Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Ralph and Idonna Gibson. Newleyweds on 6 April 2010

Julieanna's in Yuma. A good place for lunch!

Peacocks and Parrots are free to roam.

Fresh table flowers!

You have to have a "tin ear" to play in this band!

I love Hibiscus!

Especially yellow ones...................

Colorful tables too.

Creme Brule'..

I counted 6 parrots, there were probably more.

Blooming cactus in Why. AZ

Grandma's Cafe is newly opened and redecorated..lots of things like this, but chickens are the theme.

Chorizo Burrito with green sauce for breakfast!

Why has 2 gas stations. This is one of them.

This place has been open for 4 days.

I guess everyone in Why has highway clean up duties...

Hwy 86 had dozens of shrines. Must have been a dangerous road at one time.

Entering Why from the East.

Organ Pipe and Saguaro are everywhere.

Blue, red, pink, purple, orange, yellow, white and all shades of green make the Spring desert a flower garden!

This is a week of some sort, but a pretty one.

A little chollo fuzzy bear.

The camera doesn't do justice to how beautiful it is out here.

I think there are "Arizona" blue bonnets.

This windmill has seen a lot of use. There's a well there, and a some cattle troughs.

A reservation town.

Kitt Peak, South West of Tucson.

They are pretty...

But up close, you can see that they could hurt you!

It's about 1600 feet higher than Yuma, so it's cooling down already. It's 77.4 right now at 6 PM. Just went for a little walk.

The Ocotillos are blooming now. The tops were bright red just East of Yuma, but here they still have a few days to go. Still pretty. It's a verdant desert this Spring!

You can see the blossoms better with a little Zoom!

Last ride on the Burgman until October! I'll miss it. This is in front of a favorite Bougainvillea on Avenue B, across from a favorite Mexican Street Food stand :-) in Yuma, AZ

Happiness is, you can see of the DR650 in the rear view mirror!

Arizona Blue Bonnets...the road sides and desert are ablaze with flowers this year.

Kansas Sunflowers in the the arid desert of Arizona.

Here again! It's a small town, but has a lot of character. We'll spend the night here.

Parking lot of the La Siesta motel and RV park.

The lobby has been totally remodeled since we were here last. I like the Mariachis in the corner!

Test of new blog! This is Sherm's BUBF, taken April 4, 2010. 50 years ago today I graduated from Coast Guard Boot camp, in Alameda, California!

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